Covered Deck

Covered Deck

From enjoying a steaming hot mug of coffee at the end of a hectic day at work to enjoying a romantic evening together gazing at the starlit night, a covered deck is essential place in any home. Covered decks are also a part of many home improvement projects because not only do they add to the aesthetics of the home but a covered deck also helps in increasing the resale value of the house.

So if you find an old dirty looking patio starting back at you and want to spruce up the space, then add a covered deck to the area. Covered decks will raise your entertainment area and you can also use the space beneath the covered deck for additional storage. However construction of covered deck is no child’s play and need extensive planning as well as quite a bit of financing.

Things to keep in mind while planning construction of covered decks

Rome was not built in a day and even you cannot dream of completing the construction of covered deck overnight. Besides selecting good deck designs, you also need to think about your budget and select the right location for building the covered deck. To make things simpler for you, here is a list of things to keep in mind when you undertake covered decks construction project:

  • Do it yourself or will you need constructor’s help: - The first important thing to keep in mind while deciding to get a covered deck for your home is whether you would like to build covered decks yourself or you would rather have a contractor plan and construct a beautiful deck. Your bank balance plays a key role when you take this decision.

While it would cost you less when you construct covered decks yourself but it is always better to hire a constructor for covered decks construction if you lack the skill and want a safe, attractive as well as a durable covered deck. Also sit back and analyse do you have sufficient time to devote to planning and designing of covered decks or will this turn into a never ending project. Keep all these factors in mind and then take a decision whether you would like to build the covered decks yourself or hire a contractor. While hiring a contractor check out his portfolio and invite quotes from at least 2-3 vendors so that you can select the best bid.

  • Proper planning will keep you smiling: - When planning the construction of covered deck you should take into account the size of your backyard which will help you in deciding on the shape, type as well as the length of the deck. Also you might have a pool and so construct covered decks near it so that you get easy access to the pool.
  • Right construction material will make it survive longer: - A lot of effort goes into planning, designing and construction of covered decks and hence you would want this beautiful piece of architecture should last for long time. Also by selecting the right material you can have your covered deck looking as good as new even with little maintenance.

Some of the common materials used for the construction of covered decks include treated lumber, cedar and more modern composite materials, plastics etc. Whatever material you select, keep in mind the climate of the place where you stay in and also check whether the material will be able to bear the amount of load you would place on it.

A beautiful covered deck will soon become the main entertaining area in your home and hence should be overbuilt in order to accommodate a large gathering. Keep above factors in mind and you will soon be a proud owner of a wonderful covered deck at your home.